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7 Ways to Look Thinner Without Hitting the Gym

You often wish for a magic wand to take away your flabs whenever you get ready in front of the mirror. Yeah, we get it. Though you can’t expect to look like a super model overnight, with handful of tricks, it’s really okay to expect a decent ‘slimming down’ make-over within a few hours.

Some of them are DIY (do-it-yourself) methods and for the rest a quick parlor visit is necessary. Want to know what are they?

1. Go for tactical contouring


Do you have a chubby face? Then tactical contouring can tone down the ‘pudginess’ of your face by a few notches. Invest on a contouring shade two shades darker than your normal skin tone. Run broad strokes from your cheekbone to ear-top. Dusting off the whole area delicately rounds up the contouring correctly.


2. Wear perked-Up corset

Weight training and clean eating may wait for later. But your social gathering this evening can be married, if your flab comes between you and your fabulous new dress.

For instant ‘slimming’ effect, wear an over-bust leather waist training corset or a padded push-up bra with G-string thong. After that, even if you don a potato sack, you will look like a toned up diva. It offers a lot of good waist trainers to choose from.


3. Get an effective hair-cut and highlight

We always undermine the effects of a wise haircut with right highlight. In case you have fatty cheeks, don’t go for short bob. Rather, opt for puffed-up curls that will transform your face appear smaller. Also vertical hair streaks make your facial features look leaner.


4. Tie a thin belt around waist


Not all of us are blessed with an perfect waist, not all. Tying up a thin bet around your A-line dress will give your mid-riff a definite shape. Always select a dark hue for the belt. Even if you are wearing a blazer, fastening your belt over the coat shall definitely spruce up your appearance.


5. Fake (tan) it till you make it

Are you dying to flaunt that teeny-tiny bikini on that beach party? Then spray tanning is your savior for an impromptu ‘thinning’ make-over. Contour your décolletage, waist, thighs and upper arms with bronze body spray. A top-notch tanning parlor can perfectly do the job on your behalf. But the colour of the body spray has to be few shades darker than your original complexion.


6. Strategic design is your friend

Side cuts, thigh-high slits, side panels, colour blocks are some of the strategic designs that work like black magic to cover up your love handles. But don’t try out all of them at once. First, understand your body type thoroughly, and then select the one deliberate pattern that compliments it wholly.


7. Flaunt high-waist trousers

High waist trousers have multiple benefits going for it- it cinches your waist, shrouds the jelly belly and give your stems slender look. If you are short on height and have curves on all the wrong places, then combining a pair of high-waist pants with striped shirts will definitely make you the ‘belle of the county’.

Experiment with the above recommendations to look your slender best.