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Get Ready for Summer with Silky Smooth Skin

Summer isn’t too far away and it’s time for us to start getting ready to wear those revealing bikinis and shorts. You don’t want to spend your summer hiding your legs because you can’t get rid of unwanted hair or dry skin.

As women we want to look out best, head to the beach with friends and wear shorts when the sun is scorching down on us.

Hair Removal

The first step in getting the perfect summer body is to start with your hair removal system. Now you probably know that a razor and shaving cream doesn’t cut it anymore, during summer you’ll be shaving your legs daily and be left with uncomfortable shaving rash, never mind the amount of time you’ll spend in the bathroom getting your legs beach ready.

Another option is waxing, personally I find the idea of putting myself through that agony every few weeks during summer unbearable. While waxing does rip the hair out and may leave you skin hair free for a few weeks, you have to let the hair grow back to a certain length in order to wax again. This means a week or maybe two weeks of not being able to show your legs while the hair grows back, only to go through the agony again. One of the best solutions for an overall hair removal system at home is the hair laser therapy available.



Now you can buy cordless hand held devices which are easy to use and offer exceptional results, these treatments reduce the hair growth dramatically and after a few months you’ll notice your regrowth becoming lighter and finer. The hair laser treatments are clinically proven with scientific evidence which shows that if you start preparing your body for summer now, by the time summer arrives, you’ll just need to carry out the additional touch ups from time to time.



There is nothing worse than dry and peeling skin when summer comes around, you want a smooth skin that gives you the ability to wear what you want when it’s a hot day outside you don’t want to be covering up. Using moisturizer throughout the year can make a huge impact on your skin, leaving it silky smooth.

If you’re heading to the beach always wear a good sunscreen and moisturize well when you get home. Combining moisturizing and a hair removal system during the spring months can leave you with a stunning skin when summer arrives.


Hide Blemishes

During the winter months there is no sun, which means that skin blemishes are more noticeable. You need to start moisturizing your blemishes and using foundation to hide them.


Don’t worry once summer arrives and you start getting that golden glow from being in the sun, your blemishes will slowly start to disappear.


Manage Your Weight

To get a bikini body with silky smooth skin you need to start preparing during winter for the summer months.

You don’t have to start a crash diet, but a healthy and well-balanced diet will impact the health of your skin.

You’ll notice that people who eat plenty of fruit and vegetables always have a blemish and pimple free skin that seems to glow. This is because their bodies get all the healthy nutrients it needs. Now is the time to start, start with a healthy diet, moisturize on a daily basis and start your hair removal system at home.

By the time summer comes you’ll not only have silky and smooth skin that lets you wear those summer shorts, but you’ll feel better, look better and be healthier.

5 Beauty Mistakes Women Make

When it comes to beauty, we women are obsessed! We spend billions on products that we believe will make us look or feel better about ourselves. Some products are great but the thing is that no matter how great a beauty product is, if we make mistakes the product never fulfills its potential.


There are five beauty mistakes that many women make

These mistakes are so common that you’ll find them committed by women from different cities, countries and nationalities. The funny thing is that they’re not only universal, they’re completely avoidable.

Let’s begin with mistake Number One : Spider Eyes

Spider eyes! Yes, I’m sure you’ve either committed this offense yourself or you’ve unfortunately laid eyes on a woman who’s made this very common mistake.


A spider eye refers to the over-application of (usually black colored) mascara. The mascara has been applied so much that it clumps up and makes eye lashes appear thick and hard. Rather than accentuating a girl’s beauty, spider eyes make you look like you’re a spider! It’s not a great look and it’s definitely not fashionable.


The second beauty faux pas is Bedroom hair

Bedroom hair was at one point heavily encouraged by celebrities, hair stylists and just about every woman who couldn’t be bothered to comb her hair in the mornings.

It’s now become so popular that it’s more or less the norm for some women to go out and about with messy hair because it’s ‘fashionable.’ Whilst bedroom hair is super comfortable and requires absolutely no effort, the truth is that it doesn’t look that great. In fact, it can give off the impression that one’s hair is unkempt. Rather than sporting a complete ‘effortless chic’ hairdo, why not instead try something simple like a bun? It’s elegant and takes just a few minutes to do.


The third beauty mistake not moisturizing your skin daily

It is one mistake that can have long-term consequences. Yes ladies, moisturizing your skin every single day is absolutely important because it wards off premature aging, adds shine and keeps your skin looking and feeling super soft and supple.

Moisturizing your skin might seem like something that doesn’t need to be done in your teens or twenties, it will cause you to look years older.


The fourth mistake Be Aware About What You Use

It is one that most of us make without sparing a thought for its consequences. It is not reading the labels on the products we use! Whether it’s your shampoo, eyeliner, blusher or tinted moisturizer, it’s important to read the labels on the products you use and familiarize yourself with the types of ingredients that are in your beauty products.

For example, if you have sensitive skin, it’s worth checking what’s in your current beauty products to make sure that your products are free from anything that could be irritating your skin further.


The fifth and final beauty mistake is ignoring what you eat

Remember, nothing enhances your beauty more than watching what you eat and upping your intake of healthy fruits and vegetables.


Exercise also does wonders for your hair, nails and skin and doing just a little bit will have a positive impact on your overall health and beauty.