Glasses and Contacts as Fashion Accessories

The Los Angeles Times reports that as of December 2015, more than 63 percent of all Americans wore some kind of prescription eyewear of some kind, including contact lenses. An aging population means that this percentage is likely to increase rather than decrease in the future.


However, these days “girls who wear glasses” are just as likely to be viewed as “hot.” Meanwhile, many people who were unable to wear contact lenses because of conditions like astigmatism are now able to do so.  In the 21stcentury, both glasses and contacts have become popular fashion accessories – whether the people wearing them need vision correction or not.


The Evolution of Contact Lenses

In the past, fashion forward individuals who insisted on being seen without frames, thank you very much, boiled their contact lenses every night. When soft lenses hit the scene, it was considered a revolution. However, if you had astigmatism, or needed bifocals, you were out of luck when it came to contacts.


In recent decades, contacts have evolved to the point that they not only don’t need to be boiled at night, some contacts can even be worn overnight. Colored contacts have also become fashion accessories. It can be fun to have blue eyes one day, green eyes the next day. Exotic colors and styles are especially popular around Halloween.


Glasses as Fashion Accessories

According to the Times, almost 20 percent of Americans who don’t wear prescription glasses have worn them at least once anyway, just to be fashionable.  A few decades ago, the thought of wearing glasses for fashion would have been unimaginable. Back in the day, if you needed glasses, you had a choice, black or tortoiseshell.  And if you had the bad luck to have really bad eyesight, you were stuck with thick pop bottle lenses that someone named Poindexter would wear. Those days are long gone. These days, thanks to technology, so-called “Coke bottle” lenses for glasses are a relic of the distant past.

These days, glasses frames run the gamut from thick black plastic framed “brainy specs” to multicolored avant garde artistically inspired frames. Many prominent fashion designers like Prada, Brooks Brothers and Giorgio Armani have lent their names to eyeglass frames. While some designer frames also boast designer price tags, in many cases, fashion forward frames are an affordable way to stand out from the crowd.


Designer Frames and Celebrities

Celebrities wearing glasses has also increased their chic value.  A-listers such as Meryl Streep have been seen wearing chic glasses on the red carpet. Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin generated significant buzz – and a lot of imitators – with her distinctive Kawasaki 707 frames.


In some cases, celebrities who don’t need glasses wear them anyway, like basketball superstars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade The trend is especially popular among professional athletes in the National Football League and the National Basketball Association.. They sport specs with nonprescription lenses to promote a serious or refined vibe. The trend also sends a subtle message to kids who look up to the athletes that it’s OK to be studious, American Public Media Marketplace reports.

Ordinary folks have also picked up on the trend of wearing non prescription glasses. In fact, approximately four million Americans wear glasses with “plain-o,” or nonprescription lenses, according to American Public Media Marketplace. Many people have more than one pair of glasses, each with different frames. They mix and match the specs to suit their moods or to match their outfits.

5 Beauty Mistakes Women Make

When it comes to beauty, we women are obsessed! We spend billions on products that we believe will make us look or feel better about ourselves. Some products are great but the thing is that no matter how great a beauty product is, if we make mistakes the product never fulfills its potential.


There are five beauty mistakes that many women make

These mistakes are so common that you’ll find them committed by women from different cities, countries and nationalities. The funny thing is that they’re not only universal, they’re completely avoidable.

Let’s begin with mistake Number One : Spider Eyes

Spider eyes! Yes, I’m sure you’ve either committed this offense yourself or you’ve unfortunately laid eyes on a woman who’s made this very common mistake.


A spider eye refers to the over-application of (usually black colored) mascara. The mascara has been applied so much that it clumps up and makes eye lashes appear thick and hard. Rather than accentuating a girl’s beauty, spider eyes make you look like you’re a spider! It’s not a great look and it’s definitely not fashionable.


The second beauty faux pas is Bedroom hair

Bedroom hair was at one point heavily encouraged by celebrities, hair stylists and just about every woman who couldn’t be bothered to comb her hair in the mornings.

It’s now become so popular that it’s more or less the norm for some women to go out and about with messy hair because it’s ‘fashionable.’ Whilst bedroom hair is super comfortable and requires absolutely no effort, the truth is that it doesn’t look that great. In fact, it can give off the impression that one’s hair is unkempt. Rather than sporting a complete ‘effortless chic’ hairdo, why not instead try something simple like a bun? It’s elegant and takes just a few minutes to do.


The third beauty mistake not moisturizing your skin daily

It is one mistake that can have long-term consequences. Yes ladies, moisturizing your skin every single day is absolutely important because it wards off premature aging, adds shine and keeps your skin looking and feeling super soft and supple.

Moisturizing your skin might seem like something that doesn’t need to be done in your teens or twenties, it will cause you to look years older.


The fourth mistake Be Aware About What You Use

It is one that most of us make without sparing a thought for its consequences. It is not reading the labels on the products we use! Whether it’s your shampoo, eyeliner, blusher or tinted moisturizer, it’s important to read the labels on the products you use and familiarize yourself with the types of ingredients that are in your beauty products.

For example, if you have sensitive skin, it’s worth checking what’s in your current beauty products to make sure that your products are free from anything that could be irritating your skin further.


The fifth and final beauty mistake is ignoring what you eat

Remember, nothing enhances your beauty more than watching what you eat and upping your intake of healthy fruits and vegetables.


Exercise also does wonders for your hair, nails and skin and doing just a little bit will have a positive impact on your overall health and beauty.

How To Choose Perfumes for Winter

When it comes to winter perfume, you have two choices.

You can either go for something floral, light and summery or something more wintery- with a hint of musk or woody notes. So your choice is between hanging desperately on to summer, or embracing the beauty of and elegance of winter.

Fragrance Notes

Fragrance is described as being made up of three layers of notes- the top notes, the middle notes and the base notes. When smelling a perfume, the top notes will appear first, then the middle, and then when they have faded the base notes will remain.


  • The top notes are the most important when trying to sell a perfume as they evaporate quickly and are therefore perceived first. They are also called the head notes.
  • The middle notes appear just before the top notes begin to disappear. They mask the base notes, which can be unpleasant on first perception but become more palatable over time. They are sometimes called the heart notes.
  • The base and the middle notes make up the main theme of the perfume, and don’t appear until thirty minutes after the application of the perfume.


The Fragrance Wheel

The different notes that make up the head, heart and base notes are also classified into different types of scents. Mostly used in retail, the fragrance wheel is the most popular way to do this.

The four main categories that you may have already heard of are floral, oriental, woody and fresh notes.


Floral notes include:

  • Singular flowers, such as rose or lavender
  • Floral bouquet, which is a combination of different flowers

Oriental notes include:

  • Scents that connote the Victorian idea of the oriental
  • Ambergris (secreted by the sperm whale- no harm comes to the whale in its extraction)
  • Resin, such as Labdanum which has a dry musk scent

Woody notes include:

  • Agarwood
  • Cedarwood
  • Sandalwood

Fresh notes include:

  • Citrus scents
  • Cucumber type scents
  • Fruity scents, such as cassis, mango, peach etc

Good Notes for Winter

Go for a scent that reminds you of winter- not the bleak, cold, dark of winter, but something that connotes getting warm by the fire after a brisk walk or the spice of mulled wine.

You want decadence, opulence and sensuality. Strong woody and oriental notes are good for your winter perfume as they compliment the weather, but if there’s something floral or fresh in top or middle notes it can lift the fragrance, adding depth and interest to your scent.


Top Perfumes

Classic perfumes are always good to go for, such as Marilyn’s favourite Chanel No. 5, Lacoste, Shalimar, Angel or Calvin Klein’s Eternity.


However, if you want something modern, new and sexy, then Tom Ford perfumes use rare ingredients that give them an ultra exclusive vibe. They are unisex, making you feel mysterious and alluring, whatever gender you are. Celebrity perfumes are also popular, if you’re looking for something that will save your pennies.